Robomaster Controller


Firmware: C, RS485, USB HID, WS2812.

PCB: Altium Designer.

Linux API: Python.


The main idea of this project was to develop a custom controller for the Robomaster robot, which will allow you to control this platform using a Raspberry Pi or another single-board computer via python API.

My task was to create a controller PCD, develop firmware for it, and also create a Python library for single-board computer. The development consisted of the following stages:

1) Creation of a prototype using the NUCLEO-F411RE development board, the purpose of which was to restore the platform motor control protocol.


2) Pre-production sample`s PCB design (2 revisions) and firmware:

pcb1 pcb2 pcb_end

3) Development of the Python library to control the platform.

Examples of using the platform in conjunction with raspberry pi and arduino:

end1 end2