Reverse Engineering


Software: Reverse engineering, C, ASM, AVR.


The idea of this project was to create hardware that can be used in reverse engineering workshops. I created a set of tasks that were presented on different conferences on information security. These quests have been featured on:

  • Hacker magazine conference 2022
  • ZeroNights 2019, 2021
  • RuCTF 2019
  • Positive Hack Day 2019
  • DefCon NN 2020
  • VolgaCTF 2020, 2021
  • RuCTFE 2020

The first task is to find the correct key to the lock, which was encrypted inside the AVR firmware.


The second one is to reverse the algorithm for generating a pseudo-random number and predict time when all indicators will show zeroes.


The third one is about modifying the firmware.